A.    Our goal is to start a new approaching ways for medieval architecture research, from both perspective (historical and archaeological), among romanian researchers and a new inovative way for teaching this subject in university system.


B.     The building of a database implying the target institutions which are interested in using the achieved information (County Directions for Culture, Cults and Cultural Patrimony /Heritage - in order to evaluate the discharging record files and to monitor building activities in the areas with archaeological and heritage potential;  local schools or non profit associations– in helping their function of educating the young generation in knowing and respecting their local heritage; universities and museums– in their function aiming research and education, The Ministry of Culture – in order to add and complete the repertoire of sites and monuments).


C.     In the first two years will be create the database, short 3D movies for 5 monuments and the 1st and 2nd field research. In the 3rd year will be put on line the database and will be held a workshop (Informatics in the research and valorization of the medieval architecture – ArchIn) and a conference (Changing medieval landscape: settlements and monasteries).


D.      Implementation of pedagogical workshops for the staff of the interested institutions to use a website and add relevant information from the point of view of the interests of these institutions.